Thursday, July 30, 2009

Cemeterio Catolico de Nuestra Senora de La Luz

Tucked away in the small town of La Luz is this Catholic Cemetery. The graves range from the un-adorned at all to the elaborate. La Luz has a long history and is a very interesting area.

A few of them have some very interesting statuary. I liked the lamb and hat on this one.

This one was very plain and simply said "Dad". It makes me want to cry somehow, the sentiment is so sweet. And obviously his children know who he is.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Ft. Stanton Cemetery

No new information on anyone here. As you can see, most of them are not identified other than a number on a brick.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Kemo, Lillie and Michael

We have some more photos from Ft. Stanton, Most of the monuments are simple white crosses with numbered bricks at the base. These that I am posting are some of the fewwith names. I will be trying to do some more background research and will post as I learn.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Many Came from Distant Lands

Eino A. Alanko
Born Helsinki Finland

Adolf V. Laine
Rauma, Finland

Johan A. Soderback 1928-1978 Born in Kasko Finland

Here are the next 3 stones I am going to try and find out about. What did these men think when they were brought here, so far from any ocean?

Friday, May 22, 2009

German Liner Columbus

Otto Zeitsch

Crew member German Liner Columbus

Jan 17 1894- Feb 11 1942

Hermann Neuhoff

Crew member German Liner Columbus

Feb 22 1910- Mar 18 1944

Heinrich Renken

Crew member German Liner Columbus

Sep 29 1911 Feb 20 1942

Friedrich Steffens

Crew member German Liner Columbus

Jan 17 1894- Feb 11 1942

Otto Joseph Ernst

US Merchant Marine

World War II

March 14 1925-Sept 24 2003

These graves were set apart from all the rest, on the other side of the cemetery. Not surprising knowing the sentiment of the times. The first 4 graves are from crew members, the 5th is much more recent, but the only one with them. I imagine maybe he knew the men when he was young. The Columbus a luxury liner with a long history. The first Columbus went to the British as reparation after World War I and was re-named the Homeric. The Columbus that concerns us, was originally named the Hindenburg. The Germans re-named the Hindenburg to replace the first Columbus. Due to war shortages, she finally made her maiden voyage in April, 1924. Her end came on December 19, 1939 when she was scuttled off of the American coast to avoid capture by a British man-o-war. An American cruiser rescued all 579 crew members. How many came to Fort Stanton? Did their families ever know what happened to them?

Thursday, May 14, 2009

John M. Morrison

This was the only headstone that mentioned the Spanish American War. The Spanish American War was over the liberation of Cuba and took place from April - August, 1898. This stone provides no clue as to how old he was so it is hard to guess. I have found some information on the Morrisons in Illinois. Most of them were Civil War era, I am wondering if this is a relative. I am researching this and will keep you updated. You just don't hear much about the Spanish American War. UPDATE: May 27- I am excited! I received a reply from a Mr. Bruce Morrison that I contacted. This is what he told me.
" The Marker--the 6th Illinois Infantry was a Spanish American War unit.
(In the Civil War Illinois had no infantry regiments numbered below 7).
The 6th Illinois was largely made up of national guard units and ended up
serving in Puerto Rico. The only John Morrison I could find in the roster of the
6th Illinois was a John Morrison of Morrison, Illinois in Whiteside County.
He was in Company I of the 6th Illinois. Checking the Illinois marriage index
a John M. Morrison married a Lida Kennedy in Whiteside County in 1895. This
sounds like it could be the right John M. Morrison."
Mr. Morrison also included a database page of Illinois Spanish-American War Veterans with John Morrison on it, Showing him with the rank of PVT in Company I of the 6th IL INF from Morrison.